Elon Musk Shows Tesla Cybertruck to President of Hungary at Giga Texas

Elon Musk met with Hungarian President Katalin Novák at Giga Texas on Monday. The pair spoke on a variety of different topics, with Musk also giving the president a tour of Giga Texas and a ride in the Cybertruck.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák arrived in the United States on a business visit. As part of this, she met with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, with whom she discussed the demographic crisis in the Western world. Musk is known for being very concerned about the problem of fertility. He emphasized that this problem is a greater threat than climate change. Previously, he was unable to join the Budapest Demographic Summit, so their meeting in the USA, as part of the Demographic Summit in Austin, was previously planned.

Vajk Farkas, director of public relations at the Sándor presidential palace, confirmed that one of the main purposes of Novák’s visit to the United States was to meet with allies to solve demographic problems. These included Elon Musk, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. Hungary positions itself as a country aimed at increasing the birth rate.

Musk met the president with his three-year-old son X Æ A-12. The meeting took place at the Tesla factory in Austin, Texas. Musk gave a tour of the factory floors, showing how modern electric cars are produced. Giga Texas is the company’s newest factory and produces vehicles using the latest technologies and solutions. The Model Y coming off the production line features a front and rear one-piece casting and a structural battery pack equipped with in-factory-produced battery cells.

In addition, Musk showed Novák the latest vehicle that will soon hit the market, the Cybertruck. The president inspected the electric pickup truck and apparently even got a test drive, according to a video she posted on her X account. Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also received a ride in Cybertruck during his visit to the Tesla factory in Fremont.

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