Tesla Cybervault launches in China

After several days of hype, Tesla China has officially unveiled and launched the Cybervault. While many were expecting it to be a new Wall Connector or charging device, it is actually just a security box and Mobile Connector bundle.

Starting on Friday Tesla China has been teasing the launch of the Cybervault, slowly revealing more clues about the mysterious product. Initial speculation said it was going to be a new Cybertruck inspired Wall Connector, but as more images of the product was released showing it to be much larger than a Wall Connector, the next theory was that it was a combined Wall Connector and Powerwall unit.

Finally on Monday Tesla China launched the Cybervault, and it is a box to keep the Mobile Connector secure. It includes more than just a box however. Officially called the ‘CyberVault Home Charging Service Pack,’ it includes the box, a 7kW Mobile Connector, and installation.


For ¥5,500 (~$1,070 CAD/~$800 USD) you get:

  • Tesla CyberVault charging pile
  • Cables within 30 meters* and their foundation construction
  • a successful survey
  • Construction plan design and quotation
  • Charger installation and power transmission debugging
  • Up to 12 months warranty on installation work
  • Necessary auxiliary materials in the process of cable construction

Even though it just launched today, some owners in China have already received it, and so far it is getting positive reviews. For the price it is actually not a bad deal, considering it includes installation.

What do you think of the Cybervault? Is it worthy of the hype? Would you purchase one? Let us know in the comments below.



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