Save $25 on a Jeda USB Hub, Wireless Charging Pad, and Spacer [Deals]

Jeda Products is currently having a sale on their complete lineup of products, giving you the opportunity to save $25 over regular prices.

The bundle includes the Jeda USB Hub, which is the perfect accessory to organize and de-clutter your center console. It allows you to use up to five different devices for charging and data purposes: two front USB-A and two USB-C connectors and a vertical USB-A connector inside a special compartment for Dashcam storage. The unique design creates a minimal and tidy space for you to safely store important data while maintaining an OEM look and feel. The interior of the Jeda USB Hub is lined with a soft silicone backing, while the exterior boasts a velvet-like feel.

Jeda USB Hub

If you’re looking for a USB storage solution for Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, the best option that fits perfectly in the Jeda Hub is the Samsung T5 500GB SSD, which is also on sale at Amazon for $99.

Also included in the bundle is the Wireless Charging Pad. It is optimized for fast charging and delivers speeds from 7.5W – 15W. It is compatible with all Qi enabled phones, regardless of size. Installation is simple, just connect it to your Model 3’s front USBs and your phone will start charging – wirelessly.

Jeda Wireless Charger

Finally, the bundle also includes their Spacer, which allows you to maintain your wired charging connection while using the Jeda Wireless Pad. Plus, the Jeda Spacer can be used with or without the Jeda Wireless Pad.

Jeda Spacer

To save $25, add all of the items to your cart and use the coupon code JEDABUNDLE at checkout to receive the discount. Happy shopping!

Jeda is also having another sale where you can get the Spacer for free, or get $10 off the Wireless Charging Pad by itself. More details here.

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