Tesla Prepares to Open 10th V4 Supercharger Station, 1st in Spain

Tesla installs its tenth V4 Supercharger site. The new charging station is located in Vila-Seca, Spain, becoming the first of its kind in the country. Tesla is accelerating the rollout of new charging stations, stimulating the adoption of electric vehicles.

Over the summer, Tesla accelerated the pace of its rollout of the new V4 Supercharger. For now, the company installs them only in Europe. Owners of any brand of electric vehicle have access to such charging stations, and they are initially designed to meet the needs of various makers’ vehicles. The charging cable on them is intentionally longer to reach the car’s charging port, no matter the location.

@EstherKokkelman/X reported that Tesla is almost ready to open a new V4 Supercharger site. This is the 10th location seen to date. It is located in Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Spain on the Mercadona parking lot. It has eight stalls, according to the photo. At the moment, the Supercharger site has not been put into operation, but this should happen in the near future. On the site, everything at first glance seems ready for this. The asphalt has been laid, the markings have been drawn, and the protective coating has already been removed from the piles.

This V4 Supercharger location is the first to be spotted in Spain. Local Tesla owners have long been asking to increase the number of branded charging stations in the country. However, due to difficulties with the local government, the company could not satisfy the requests. In the spring, it was reported that Tesla was engaged in negotiations with the Spanish government. At the time, it was thought this might concern the construction of a new factory. It was later reported that the deal fell through. Perhaps at the time, there were actually discussions about expanding Tesla’s charging network rather than building a factory.

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