Tesla begins installing Starlink satellite dishes at Superchargers [Update]

Following a promise by CEO Elon Musk that all Superchargers will have free WiFi access, Tesla has installed Starlink satellite dishes at 2 Supercharger stations in the US, and possibly more.

One of the Supercharger stations is in Lisbon, Connecticut, where Model S owner Brandon Starr shared this image of the original Dishy McFlatface on top of a fenced off area next to the Superchargers. (h/t: @MarcoRPTesla)


According to Brandon, the Starlink dish was providing a signal, but it was called ‘Tesla Service’.

Based on Tesla’s Find Us map, there is no Service Center within 20 miles of the Supercharger, indicating the company might still be testing the feature with Mobile Service technicians before rolling it out to more locations.

Supporting that theory, another Starlink dish has also been spotted today more than 16 hours south of Lisbon in Lake City, Florida.

Unfortunately due to the angle of the photo shared on Reddit, we can’t tell if it was installed in a similar location as the one in Connecticut.

Additionally, the owner who spotted it did not look in his car to see if it was providing free WiFi access, however he plans to check it out again soon to find out.

UPDATE: Another Starlink dish has been spotted in Long Island, New York.

The installation of these Starlink dishes comes almost one month to the day after Musk reaffirmed all Superchargers will have WiFi.

Musk didn’t provide a timeline for the roll out, but he often comments on seemingly random tweets when something is going to happen soon.

If you have spotted a Starlink dish at your local Supercharger, let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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