First Tesla Supercharger on Prince Edward Island begins construction in Charlottetown

Soon there will only be one province left in Canada without a Tesla Supercharger as construction of the first Supercharger on Prince Edward Island has begun construction.

The P.E.I Supercharger first appeared on the Tesla Supercharger Map in 2020 as ‘Coming Soon’ on New Years Day when Tesla added 14 new locations in Canada. We now know the exact location as being on the tiny Poplar Island, just west of Charlottetown.

The first preparations for the site began last week when crews did some initial work to tap power from nearby utility poles. According to photos taken this morning and provided to Drive Tesla by one of our readers, construction fencing has been put up and the Supercharger stalls spaced out.

Since Poplar Island is made up of only one shopping centre, the new location’s address will amusingly be on the Milky Way. The station is located in the parking lot fronting the Trans-Canada Highway just next to BOOMburger.

When complete it will feature 8 stalls of V3 Superchargers, capable of charging at up to 250kW.

Charlottetown Supercharger location

With construction already started, it is expected be complete and powered up before the end of the year.

That will leave Newfoundland and Labrador as the only province in Canada without a Tesla Supercharger. The company so far has no plans to add one either.

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