Starlink subscriber count swells to 1.5 million

SpaceX’s Starlink has reached another major milestone this week with the company announcing they now have over 1.5 million subscribers worldwide. The milestone was announced in the same week the Starlink constellation surpassed 4,000 satellites in orbit.

Starlink hasn’t been around for that long, starting its beta testing phase in October 2020, first providing high speed, low latency internet to remote and rural areas of Canada and the US. Popularity in Starlink grew quickly as the satellite internet service expanded to more areas of the world, with the company announcing milestone subscriber counts of 100,000 in June 2021, 500,000 in June 2022, and most recently 1 million in December 2022.

That number has grown by another 500,000 in just four months, with the Starlink Twitter account thanking its 1.5 million plus subscribers around the world on Friday.

Starlink’s subscriber base is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, now providing the company with cashflow of over approximately $140 million per month. With this new milestone many fans are speculating it could mean a Starlink IPO (initial public offering) is just around the corner.

In 2021 CEO Elon Musk said Starlink would only go public when “revenue is reasonably stable.” This level of income could certainly be considered stable (and substantial), and combined with several other factors like the company’s expansion in Bastrop, Texas, and turning its Starlink Twitter account public this week, SpaceX could very well soon go public.

Starlink constellation surpasses 4,000 satellites with latest SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

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