SpaceX to seek exemption from sanctions to provide Starlink service in Iran

Starlink receiver dish
Credit: SpaceX

According to CEO Elon Musk SpaceX will seek an exemption from international sanctions against Iran in order to provide the company’s Starlink satellite internet service to citizens of the country. The company will also work to provide Starlink in countries under a dictatorship.

Musk revealed the plans on Twitter on Monday, responding to a user who asked if SpaceX would be able to provide internet service to Iranian people, something which the user said would be a “game changer for the future” of the country.

The request comes at a time when internet service in Iran has been cut off by the government amid unrest following the death of a 22-year old woman, Mahsa Amini, in Tehran last week.

According to local authorities Amini was arrested for violating religious laws, namely not wearing her hijab properly. Three days later she passed away, with the official story claiming it was a heart attack. Her family has fought back against those claims saying she had no history of heart problems and that she suffered bruising to her legs while in custody.

Her death saw mass protests in several cities across the country, with several protestors reportedly being killed by authorities. The protests have led to multi-hour internet blackouts in Tehran and other cities in the country since last week, according to NetBlocks, a tool that tracks internet disruptions and shutdowns.

Following his statement that he will be seeking exemptions to provide Starlink in Iran, Musk also said that the company will work to offer Starlink in other countries under a dictatorship, like Cuba.

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