SpaceX tests Falcon Heavy in preparation for rocket launch on November 1st

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy hibernation has spanned more than three years. However, the powerful rocket is roaring to life again as the company prepares for a November 1st launch.

The aerospace company performed a static fire test on Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A static test involves firing a rocket’s first-stage engines while the rocket is secured to the ground.

It is a pre-launch exercise that shows if a rocket is fit for launch.

The Falcon Heavy is going to launch the USSF-44 mission on November 1st. Its last flight was in 2019, and the next one is the fourth in total.

On board are two satellites operated by the Space Force, whose purposes have not been revealed.

Brig Gen Stephen Purdy, program executive officer for Space Force, commented, “This launch culminates years of effort by a dedicated team comprised of mission­-focused people from across the U.S. Space Force and SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy is an important element of our overall lift capability, and we’re very excited to be ready for launch.”

The Falcon Heavy will launch the $4 billion Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.

NASA’s Europa Clipper will also launch into space on a Falcon Heavy in October 2024.

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