SpaceX stacks the Starship again after a successful Starlink launch

SpaceX is a dynamic company as it pursues multiple space-related programs simultaneously. The Texas-based company has assembled a Starlink prototype again after it sent another batch of Starlink satellites to orbits and recovered a Falcon 9 booster.

Billionaire Dennis Tito buys trip around the moon on SpaceX Starship.

The star of the show, the Starship, is billed to be the most powerful rocket ever built and be reusable at both stages. SpaceX moved the Ship 25 prototype from its construction bay for the first time to the launch and test site.

This was followed by several qualification tests.

Meanwhile, SpaceX also stacked prototype Ship 24 on the Super Heavy prototype named Booster 7.

The company often develops multiple prototypes in tandem.

The lifting was done with the mechanical arms attached to the launch tower.

At the same time, SpaceX launched 54 new Starlink satellites atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

This was the company’s 48th launch of the year.

Its Polaris Dawn mission has been moved from later this year to March 2023.

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