SpaceX sending engineering team to Fiji to setup Starlink ground station for Tonga

sqaure starlink dish

SpaceX is sending a team of engineers to Fiji to operate a temporary ground station for their Starlink internet services for Tonga.

The team is part of the broader effort by SpaceX to provide stable internet services to the Kingdom of Tonga.

Tonga of course, was hit by a devastating tsunami last month which left its communication network in shambles.

SpaceX received permission from the Fijian government to establish and operate the ground station for six months.

The temporary emergency telecommunications licence allows SpaceX to provide an internet gateway to Tonga.

The gateway will allow SpaceX to have a reliable gateway for Tongan residents while establishing a working gateway on Tonga, reports FBC News.

SpaceX, and more accurately, Elon Musk asked Tongans if Starlink terminals would help the community.

He noted in a tweet that he asked for clarification, and evidently, they got some from Tongan officials.

In addition, SpaceX is in conversations with Fijian officials on providing Starlink services on the remote Pacific island.

As per the Acting Prime Minister, the government will advance discussions should Space put forward a proposal in full.

SpaceX did not provide a comment on either their work on Tonga, or negotiations with the Fijian government on commercial internet services.

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