Canada’s EnerStar Solutions announces it has become a Starlink reseller

EnerStar Solutions has announced a new connectivity partnership with Starlink.

EnerStar Solutions is based in Medicine Hat, Alberta and provides communications, accommodations, power and other services to remote job sites in the energy sector.

The company announced on October 3 it will be adding Starlink to its service offerings to help provide real-time drilling requirements and communications while on site.

As of last week, the company made Starlink units available to deploy in the United States.

However, EnerStar is still awaiting regulatory approval in Canada, but the company expects that to come soon.

In addition to the internet, EnerStar is also building a Starlink-capable backend network that will utilize the internet of things for remote monitoring.

EnerStar Marketing Coordinator Amber Beierbach had this to say about the exciting news:

With the addition of Starlink to our product offerings, we look forward to expanding our operations more into Canada and outside the Energy sector. The ability to offer Starlink however will now provide us with the ability to ensure even the most remote job sites reach data speeds far more reliable and high speed than they have ever experienced before.

EnerStar is the third company to announce a reseller agreement with Starlink.

Marlink announced a deal on September 22 to offer Starlink to its maritime and enterprise customers.

Speedcast also announced a distribution deal with Starlink a week before Marlink, becoming the first company to be an official reseller.

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