SpaceX building massive structure in Bastrop County, Texas

Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX is expanding its footprint in Texas. The space exploration company is constructing an enormous building in Bastrop County, east of Austin, as Austin Business Journal learned.

Tesla has been recruiting in the state as it looks to launch a retail electricity business.

The planned structure will be 521,521 square-foot in volume. This is larger than six typical H-E-B grocery stores combined.

According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation filings, SpaceX’s new building will cost $43 million. It will be completed in July 2023. The project is named “Project Echo.”

Meanwhile, the final structure may change. This is because the filing with the TDLR is not usually final. However, it is a good look at SpaceX’s plans for the rural area of Texas.

Also, the filing does not mention SpaceX by name. However, the address corresponds to the company’s test facility located in McGregor.

Bastrop County has seen much investment by Musk’s companies. It had a population of 102,058 in 2021, up from 74,171 in 2010.

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