SpaceX applies for internet licence to service Guernsey

new starlink
Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX sent an application to the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority for a licence to operate internet services on the island.

For those who have never heard of it, Guernsey is one of the channel islands between the United Kingdom and France. The island is a protectorate of the United Kingdom, but operates somewhat independently of London.

The regulator will consider the application and expect to decide on the licence by the end of June.

As per the regulator, the company wants to provide internet connectivity with speeds above 100 Mbps download and 80 Mbps upload.

This is an easy addition for SpaceX and would add to the growing number of areas in Europe that can access Starlink internet services.

In an interesting twist, local communication firm JT was supportive of SpaceX applying for the license:

JT has been investing in and offering fibre broadband to Guernsey customers since 2013 and connecting customers to the JT Fibre network ever since. We’re very proud of the part we’ve played in opening up the opportunities that access to super-fast speeds provides homes and businesses and are supportive of any plans which give Guernsey customers the best experience possible. (via BBC)

There is no exact timeline for approvals, nor did the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority commit to a hard date.

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