NASA delays next two SpaceX crewed missions to ISS

NASA has delayed the launch of two crewed SpaceX missions to the International Space Station (ISS).

The first is Ax-1, a private flight for Axion Space was originally scheduled to launch on March 30.

That date has now been pushed back to April 3 at the earliest to “allow teams to complete final spacecraft processing ahead of the mission.

The Ax-1 crew will fly on Dragon Endeavour to and from the space station and spend 10 days in orbit.

The second is the Crew-4 mission for NASA to the International Space Station (ISS), which was originally planned to launch on April 15.

Due to the delay for Ax-1, Crew-4 has also been pushed back until at least April 19.

“NASA and SpaceX also will adjust the target launch date for the agency’s SpaceX Crew-4 mission to the International Space Station to allow appropriate spacing for operations and post-flight data reviews between human spaceflight missions and to allow for multiple consecutive launch attempts based on the orbital mechanics for arrival to the space station,” NASA said in a statement.

Crew-4 will carry an international crew of four astronauts to the orbital complex on a new Dragon spacecraft and flight proven Falcon 9 rocket for a science expedition mission.

Credit: NASA
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