Update in 2020.24 that allows for green light traffic control not coming to Canada just yet [Update]

Update: Green light traffic control has now arrived in Canada with the 2020.24.6.3 software update. You can read more about it here.

Earlier this week we told you about a big update coming to Tesla’s new Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (TLSCC), just two months after it was first released in the US.

Until now, TLSCC would stop at all traffic lights, regardless of what stage they were at (red, yellow, green). But with the new update, it would proceed through a green light without confirmation from the driver so long as there is a car in front of you proceeding through the intersection.

Now that the update has reached Canada, Drive Tesla has learned that the new feature did not make its way north of the border.

According to a Tesla Model S owner in Victoria, British Columbia who just received the update and tried out TLSCC, it did not continue through intersections while following another car on a green light.

Tesla Model S wtih 2020.24.6.1

While it is disappointing this feature wasn’t included for Canadians, it’s not too surprising as we are often left out of the party when it comes to new features in software updates.

The first release of TLSCC in the US was two months ago, but Canada only got it two weeks ago.

We were also late getting the Smart Summon feature, which eventually arrived in Canada several weeks after US owners received it.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s a video of what the new feature looks like in action.

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