Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control coming to Canada in ‘a few weeks’: Elon Musk

In its drive towards Full Self-Driving (FSD), Tesla recently released a new feature called Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta), but limited it to US owners only, once again leaving Canada in the dark on a new feature release.

But Canadians won’t have to wait much longer according to Elon Musk, who this morning announced the feature would be coming to Canada soon.

If the feature is released soon, it would be much quicker than originally thought. Musk had previously said that due to differing regulations around the world, he didn’t expect the feature to be released elsewhere until the third quarter of 2020.

Since the feature is still in Beta, it is important to know that when activated, it will stop for all traffic lights, regardless of its current state (red, yellow, green). To proceed through an intersection the driver must confirm by either using the right gear stalk, or by pressing the accelerator.

These confirmations by the driver will be used by Tesla to further enhance the feature, eventually allowing it to respond to traffic lights and stop signs completely autonomously, without any driver input.

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