Tesla software update 2022.36 will bring revamped Energy tab and more

Tesla is bringing another long requested feature to their vehicles in their 2022.36 software update, redesigning the Energy tab to give owners a better idea of what subsystems are using up energy from the battery.

The updated feature was shared by third-party software tracker Teslascope, who received a photo showing the redesigned Energy tab now shows much more detailed information. Among some of the new items monitored include driving, climate, battery conditioning, elevation, and a catch-all “Everything else.”

According to the image the graph will show how much energy these subsystems are consuming, expressed as a percentage, compared to how much was projected at the beginning of the trip.

There is also a ‘Range Tips’ section. Unfortunately the image is little blurry (and in Romanian), so we can’t quite make out what the tips are, but they appear to suggest that by doing a certain action your range will increase by a certain percentage.

UPDATE 9:46am PDT: According to one of our Romanian readers, the tips say how much energy the car lost driving uphill and how much energy it regained driving downhill. (h/t: @IBatrinac)

UPDATE 9:55am PDT: The person who leaked the original image asked to have it taken down. Here are some more images of the new interface, this time in English.

Along with this new information the energy tab now also tracks your energy usage while in Park. According to Not A Tesla App, which also received advanced information on the software update, the Park tab will display energy usage for the main display, pre-conditioning, cabin overheat protection, Sentry Mode, mobile app usage and more.

Additionally, instead of comparing it against a trip projection, your usage will be compared against data from the rest of the fleet, giving owners a better idea if their battery drain from leaving Sentry Mode on is within an acceptable range.

There are also two other features set to be included in the 2022.36 software update.

One is more details about a Supercharger location. When tapping on a Supercharger pin on your in-car navigation, Tesla will now display historical usage at the station and show you how busy it typically is over the course of a day, similar to how Google shows “busy” times on their search results.

Tesla will also be adding a notification if you left your car unlocked after walking away, adding to the existing notifications if you left the windows, doors, or trunk/frunk open.

Given Tesla’s numbering scheme for their software updates, we expect to see 2022.36 arrive sometime in mid-October. It is also expected that this update will bring the Energy tab back to refresh Model S and Model X owners.

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