Tesla releases Chinese New Year software update 2021.04.05 with TikTok and more

While we still wait for the second half of the holiday software update, Tesla has just released a Chinese New Year’s update to owners in China, 2021.04.05.

The special software update contains several big additions, including one that will have a positive impact on Tesla’s bottom line.


The video-sharing social networking service TikTok, known in China as Douyin, can now be accessed in your vehicle. Available through the Tesla Theater, the app appears to have all the same functionality you find when using it on your mobile device, without the ability to create content obviously.



QQ Music Lyrics

Owners in China will now be able to sing along to their favourite songs with the addition of QQ music lyrics. Separate to Caraoke, lyrics can now be displayed for any song on the QQ streaming network.


Improved Voice Recognition

Tesla has also improved the quality of voice recognition in the car, showing off several examples in the image and video below. If anyone can translate the commands used in the video, please let us know in the comments section.

voice recognition

Premium Connectivity

With the Chinese New Year software update, owners will now be charged ¥9.99 per month if they opt to go with Premium Connectivity. When converted it comes out to just $1.96 CAD or $1.55 USD, a bargain compared to the ~$15 in Canada or $9.99 currently charged in the US.

China Premium Connectivity

Here is a short video from Tesla China showcasing the new features.

h/t: Jensen & Xinzhang Li

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