Tesla 2021.44.5 Software Update & Release Notes

Tesla has started deploying the latest 2021.44.5 software update to a number of Canadian vehicles on Thursday evening.

The update was first spotted by update tracker @TeslaTip, with numerous Drive Tesla readers reporting receiving it within minutes of it being detected.

Interestingly, the update appears to be going to all variants, including the Model S Plaid. Could this be the holiday update recently teased by Elon Musk?

The update is currently being installed, and we will update this article on the release notes are available.

UPDATE 5:46pm PST: Unfortunately this is not the holiday update, and it includes just two improvements for Model 3/Y.

The first is Driver Door Unlock Mode. When turned on, only the driver door will unlock when you approach the car.

The other is Driver Profile Improvements, which adds the ability for each profile to have its own work and home addresses in the navigation.

There is also an update for Model S/X for improvements to the rear climate zone control from the touchscreen.

2021.44.5 Release Notes

Drive Door Unlock Mode

Unlock only the driver door when approaching the vehicle by tapping Controls > locks > Driver Door Unlock Mode.

Driver Profiles

Each Driver Profile will now have its own individual Work and Home address. To update, select your profile, tap Navigation and long press either Work or Home.

Rear Cabin Climate (S/X refresh only)

Adjust the rear cabin climate from the front touchscreen by tapping Climate Controls > Rear Climate.

Although not in the release notes, Tesla has also added a new Seat Calibration option in the Service menu.



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