Option to customize when side mirrors automatically fold coming in future update

A new feature that will make a number of Canadian Tesla owners very happy will be coming in a free over-the-air (OTA) software update.

Living in any cold climate, having your mirrors automatically fold can potentially lead to some issues. This is particularly true if you park your car outside, leaving it exposed to the elements overnight.

After a heavy snowfall or some freezing rain the mirrors can freeze in their folded position. That means when you go to unlock your car, your mirrors could suffer damage as the motors try to unfold them.

Always one to take in customer feedback, a new option will be coming after CEO Elon Musk simply responded “Ok” to a question asking for the ability to not have the mirrors fold when it reaches a certain temperature.

Elon tweet
Image via Reddit

While it seems simple enough on the surface, there are going to be a few considerations when implementing a feature like this. What if the temperature when you lock the car is above the threshold and folds, but it drops overnight, snows, and the mirrors become frozen?

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