Two separate cases of vandalism show Tesla hate is a very real thing [Videos]

We have seen a lot of cases of vandalism against Tesla vehicles that has been caught on Sentry Mode. While we would like to think it is random or that it seems to happen to Tesla cars more often than others because of the built-in surveillance feature, two recent cases show that Tesla hate is a very real thing.

The first incident took place in an underground parking garage in Los Angeles earlier this week. In the video shared to Reddit by u/StreamKimPetras, we see the owner of the adjacent car return to his vehicle after an apparent shopping trip.

For no reason at all he proceeds to key the rear passenger door not once, but twice. Adding insult to injury, he then purposely slams his door into the Tesla, leaving a large dent next to the ‘X’ scratched into the paint.

Fortunately Sentry Mode caught a perfect shot of not only his face, but also his license plate. The Reddit user says he has filed a police report and a claim through his insurance company to fix the damage, which was estimated at around $900.

A separate incident of vandalism caught on Sentry Mode also took place in California this week. The video was also shared to Reddit by u/Nexus__94, and shows a woman first littering, and then out of nowhere reaching across and keying the side of the Tesla.

But that apparently wasn’t enough as she does it a second time before driving off and giving us a perfect view of her ‘S♥UL M8S’ license plate.

Similar to the other case, the owner says they filed a police report and after reviewing their footage, confirmed they did nothing to the suspect leading up to the incident – “Did absolutely nothing wrong. Didn’t cut her off, didn’t park poorly.

Similar to the other case, a police report has been filed.

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