Tesla owner in Vancouver captures Sentry Mode video of vandal yanking charger out of charge port

Tesla Sentry Mode Vancouver

People do some stupid things sometimes. Sometimes those stupid things are caught on camera, like this case that was caught on Tesla’s Sentry Mode.

The incident, which occurred in the evening hours on May 9, 2020, was posted to YouTube by a Tesla Model 3 owner from Vancouver, British Columbia

As the video begins, we see a seemingly very drunk or high individual standing on the sidewalk, staring at what appears to the bush right in front of him.

After staring down the bush, the suspect moves toward the Model 3 which was parked in a driveway in front of the owner’s home.

He then starts trying to unplug the charger from the charge port, putting more of his weight behind each successive pull before yanking the charger free.

It is interesting to see that you can pull the cable out if you put enough force into it, even when it is locked in place. I wouldn’t suggest trying this at home though.

The video does get a pretty good shot of the suspect’s face, so hopefully he gets identified soon. The incident has been reported to local police, and according to the owner has not been caught yet.

If anyone has any information or can identify the suspect, you are encouraged to contact Vancouver Police.

Tesla vandalism suspect Vancouver

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