First Tesla Supercharger in Israel under construction

Tesla Israel Supercharger map

As Tesla prepares to begin the first deliveries in Israel, construction on the country’s first Supercharger has begun.

New Tesla owners will soon be able to charge at the 8 stall V3 Supercharger located at the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv.

According to Tesla’s website, the Tel Aviv Supercharger is slated to open before the end of the month.

Tesla Israel Supercharger map

The Supercharger should arrive just in time. Tesla was hoping to launch in Israel last year. The departure of the country’s general manager, along with the spread of COVID-19 meant a delay in their launch.

Things progressed when Tesla obtained their commercial import license in January. It was then made official when Tesla opened for orders in February, revealing official pricing and that the first deliveries would begin in March.

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