With latest update Standard Range Plus can now charge at up to 170kW

Not only is the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) getting a 5% power boost in the latest software update, it is also get a boost to it’s Supercharging capabilities.

Due the smaller battery size in the SR+ (50kWh), it was only able to achieve peak charging rates of up to 120kW prior to the latest update of 2019.36.1. That was the case even when hooked up to Tesla’s latest V3 Superchargers, which can charge at up to 250kW. With this increase to 170kW when hooked up to a V3 Supercharger, the SR+ can now charge at a rate of up to 1,250km/h. When connected to a V2 150kW Supercharger, it would now peak at around 1,100km/h.

2019.36.1 Peak Power Improvements

While on the surface this doesn’t seem like much, this is a huge change for SR+ owners, and also has an impact on other Tesla owners. With this increased peak charging rate, SR+ owners will be able to make almost full use of the Supercharger network, take their vehicles on longer road trips, charge much quicker than before, all resulting in less congestion at Superchargers for other owners as more vehicles will be able to charge per day.

Source: Reddit

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