Tesla Semis spotted in Palo Alto

After a relatively quiet few weeks when it comes to the Tesla Semi, up to three of the electric trucks have been spotted in California.

Two of the white Tesla Semis were spotted by Reddit user u/rus-reddit. The user did not specify where exactly the photos were taken, except to say they were taken in Palo Alto, the former home of Tesla’s headquarters.

Based on the background in the images, we believe the photos were taken at 1501 Page Mill Rd, where Tesla recently signed a lease for 325,000 square feet of office space in the Stanford Research Park, which reportedly houses Automotive and Autopilot engineers.

The user also shared another image of what could be a third Tesla Semi driving along one of the nearby streets.

This is the first sighting of the Tesla Semi since four units were photographed at the Giga Nevada Megacharger in the Q4 2021 shareholder deck.

We were also expecting some to be delivered to PepsiCo earlier this year, but that appears to have been delayed. That could still happen soon as the Megacharger at PepsiCo subsidiary FritoLay has been completed and just had its final inspection on Tuesday this week.

We should hopefully get the final results of that inspection soon.

Watch Tesla Semi drive silently through Giga Nevada parking lot

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