Tesla is already expanding Giga Texas paint shop

It looks like Tesla is already in the process of expanding its paint shop at Giga Texas. The latest finding comes from a member of the quad squad, Joe Tegtmeyer.

Unlike other drone operators who simply upload their footage, Joe likes to research what he sees with his drone. According to Joe, the video shows new construction and assembly of a new modular paint system for the factory.

Joe even found the associated permit for the expansion.

Per the permit, Tesla is completing paint shop tool connections for E Coat, Top Coat, Finish, ASU6 and ASU7.


Although many on Reddit and Twitter thought that the expansion would be for the Tesla Cybertruck, it appears that it is actually for Model Y production for now.

The Cybertruck will not require access to the paint shop as it comes in a single colour.

Musk already confirmed that if Cybertruck owners want to change the colour, they would need to wrap the vehicle. So, we can safely assume that the new modular paint system will be for the Model Y.

In addition, there are plans for Giga Texas to eventually also produce the Model 3 at the location. So, one can assume that this update will work for both the Model 3 and the Model Y.

You can check out Joe’s full video below:

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