Tesla Semi gets its first recall to fix parking brake valve module

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Semi has received its first recall to fix an issue with the parking brake valve modules. The recall impacts just 35 of the electric Semi trucks, but the fix can’t be applied over-the-air (OTA) and will require a physical service visit.

According to the recall notice posted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, the problem was first identified on February 13 by one of their suppliers, Bendix, which had received complaints from some of its customers regarding their parking brake valve modules. These modules could have an issue where they fail to transition when the parking brake is engaged or disengaged.

This issue could result in the parking brakes not being set or released when the driver thinks they have been. If this happens the truck might unintentionally move, increasing the risk of a crash. Separately Bendix filed its own recall with the NHTSA for the component in other trucks, with Tesla investigating further and completing a risk assessment for the potential impact on their electric Semi trucks.

On March 17 Tesla completed their analysis and decided to file a voluntary recall with the NHTSA. The fix will require the parking brake valves on 35 Semis to be replaced with a “revised part with improved internals that prevent air leakage and allow the driver to engage and disengage parking brakes.”

Tesla says there have been no warranty claims, crashes, injuries or deaths related to this particular issue.

You can read the full recall notice below.

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