Tesla corrects study claiming it installed only 3000 Solar Roofs in the US

Tesla Solar Roof courtesy of Tesla

Tesla has set the record straight on the number of Solar Roofs it has installed in the US after a report by Wood Mackenzie claimed it only installed 3,000. The research company published a study with the wrong figure and claimed that Tesla failed to reach 1,000 installations per week.

Wood Mackenzie based its estimates on proprietary project-level datasets, which showed that Tesla installed 21 roofs per week on average in 2022, with a peak of 32 per week in the first quarter. As a result, Wood Mackenzie attributed less than 0.03% of the US roofing market to Tesla in 2022.

However, Tesla’s official Twitter account posted a tweet refuting the claim, stating Wood Mackenzie’s figure was wrong by a wide margin.

While Tesla Solar did not post the actual figure, the company had stated in its most recent Shareholders Deck that its solar deployment increased by 18% year-on-year or over 100 MW in the last quarter of the year. Tesla deployed 348 MW of solar for the whole year, the highest since 2017.

Tesla offers three different solar products through its website. Customers can order solar panels, Powerwall batteries, or Solar Roof. Each of these can be ordered separately or together.

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