Starman and his Tesla Roadster are about to complete second orbit of the sun

Can you believe it was almost three years ago when Elon Musk famously launched one of his Tesla Roadsters with a Starman in the driver seat into space aboard the Falcon Heavy rocket?

In that time the Roadster has become the highest mileage Tesla ever. Since February 6, 2018 it has travelled more than 100 million km (62 million miles) according to the tracking website ‘WhereisRoadster?’. It is also the fastest Roadster ever, currently travelling away from Mars at a speed of 38,500 mph (61,900 km/h).

That means the Roadster is closing in on completing two full orbits around the sun. As of this weekend it has completed more than 1.9 orbits, and should complete two full orbits some time next week.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Starman as he passes by earth, you might have to wait a while. Scientists estimate that his closest pass will happen in 2091. At that time, Starman and Roadster will be closer than the moon.

If you want to relive the excitement of the successful Falcon Heavy launch nearly three years ago, the video below starts at the T-10 second countdown.

h/t: Inverse

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