You can now check your Tesla’s battery health through the mobile app [Update]

One of the most frequently asked questions among Tesla, and all electric vehicle (EV) owners is if there has been battery degradation that has impacted the vehicle’s driving range.

This question can be answered by some third-party apps, but the Tesla Service team also often fields requests from owners to check on the health of the battery in their car.

Now owners can perform this check themselves through the Tesla mobile mobile app.

To see if your vehicle’s range is within normal parameters, open your mobile app and tap on Service, and then ‘Request Service.’

Then tap on ‘Battery’, select ‘Range’, and type in ‘loss of range’ when asked to describe the problem. Tap ‘Next’ and the app will run a self-diagnosis to check on your battery health.

If everything is normal with your battery and range, the app will show ‘No issue detected’. The app then also provides a short description of how your vehicle’s range can be impacted by your personal driving habits and that fluctuation in your displayed range is normal and expected. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

We have yet to see any reports of an owner receiving anything other than the message above, but if you run the test and get something different, let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE 9:19am PST: One of our readers Curtis performed the steps and the app showed the diagnostics were completed, but instead of showing ‘No issue detected,’ he was asked to schedule a service appointment. We will update this article further once Curtis hears back from the Service team about any potential issues.

If performing the steps described above doesn’t work for you, go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and make sure you have latest version of the mobile app released earlier this week, which is 4.11.2.

UPDATE 9:53am PST: It looks like even if you have the latest version some owners are reporting they are unable to run the diagnostic and are prompted to schedule a service appointment, without the message that it was completed. This feature may be rolling out gradually to all owners.

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