XPeng shows off ultra-fast charging capable of adding 210 km range in 5 minutes

XPeng just put their G9 SUV up for pre-sale, but the company is now showing off one of the fastest chargers on the planet.

As per CnEVPost, the company had a small presentation outlining the new S4 supercharger and plans for deployment.

The new S4 supercharger is impressive.

The supercharger has a peak power rate of 400 kW, with a maximum power rate of 480 kW.

At the same time, it can deliver a maximum current of 670 amps.

These numbers mean that the S4 charger can provide 210 km range in just 5 minutes.

For comparison, the XPeng supercharger dominates both Porsche and Tesla superchargers

The Tesla V3 supercharger has a maximum power level of 250 kW and can give a vehicle 150 km in 5 minutes.

While the Porsche Turbo supercharging pile can get a 120 km range in 5 minutes at peak charging.

As per XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng, the plan for the company is to ensure all of their vehicles can take advantage of the new S4 supercharger.

Including the G9 SUV and refresh models.

The plan for the company is to first focus on the ten cities in China with the largest number of G9 orders, along with core highways to connect the cities.

By 2025, the company hopes to have 2,000 ultra-fast charging stations.

The company also announced that the first S4 ultra-fast charger was already up and running.

This brings the total number of XPeng chargers to 1,000, covering 337 cities in China.

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