WWII bomb discovered near Tesla’s Giga Berlin to be safely detonated

A relic from World War II has been unearthed near Tesla’s Giga Berlin. The 250 kilogram bomb, discovered in the forested area earmarked for the factory’s expansion, is set to be safely detonated on-site this coming Saturday.

The bomb, identified as an English-made explosive, was found during routine checks for munitions in the area where Tesla plans to lay tracks for a new freight station. These checks, conducted by ammunition recovery companies, are standard practice in many parts of Europe that saw heavy bombing during World War II.

The Public Order Office of Grünheide and the Brandenburg Interior Ministry have confirmed that the bomb cannot be transported due to its condition and must be detonated in place, reports RBB.

The controlled detonation is scheduled between 7:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday. Authorities have established an exclusion zone, likely extending up to one kilometer from the detonation site, to ensure public safety. Additionally, two state roads will be closed for the duration of the operation, although the A10 motorway and the RE1 railway line will remain operational.

The controlled detonation will not affect Tesla’s production at Giga Berlin, as no production was scheduled for Saturday.

The presence of this bomb has heightened safety concerns, not just for the Tesla factory and its workforce, but also for the activists who have been protesting in the same forest. Since February, these activists have set up a camp of tree houses to oppose Tesla’s expansion, which they argue threatens local biodiversity and forest land.

However, despite the bomb threat, authorities say the protest camp will not be forcibly evacuated, allowing the activists to choose whether to remain in the area or temporarily relocate during the detonation.

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