Tesla releases video showcasing a day in the life of a Giga Berlin worker

Tesla is showcasing the rewards of working for it by releasing a video of the life of a worker at Giga Berlin. The short clip was posted on X, formerly Twitter.

The video, which starts with a cock crowing, follows an employee as he resumes his duties at the sprawling facility. The worker picks up a colleague, Lennard, in his Tesla, which, as one of the perks of working at Giga Berlin, he charges on the premises at no cost. Their colleagues will soon be riding battery-powered trains to work.

According to the narrator, there is usually a handover meeting as the morning shift replaces their night counterparts, and everybody gets their assignment.

The four main characters in the video are Max, Franc, Felix, and Lennard. Their roles involve maintaining the equipment that Tesla uses to build cars and keeping them efficient. These include robots painted bright yellow. The group makes it clear that they enjoy their jobs while looking after the tons of wires that keep the robot working.

The group then takes the viewer through other parts of the factory, including the canteen with a diverse menu. There is a mention of snack vending machines, too. We also see the recreational areas where the group does a bit of climbing.

Tesla has released videos of Giga Berlin before, where employees talk about what it is like working for the company. The automaker was rumored to have sacked the whole of its advertising unit during its latest job cuts that have seen about 14 percent of the workforce depart the company. However, it confirmed that about 400 workers would be laid off in Giga Berlin.

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