With this new product you may want to move your EV out of the driveway

A Tesla and solar power is a perfect combination, allowing you to charge your car with the sun, thereby reducing your carbon impact. Platio, a company based in Hungary, has taken solar power to new lows heights after installing the first solar driveway for residential use.

The product itself is also environmentally friendly. The design uses the companies Platio Solar Pavers, each made from 400 recycled plastic bottles. The result is a product the company claims is anti-slip and more durable than concrete, which is a good thing if you’re going to be driving your 3,500lb+ Tesla over it.

Platio solar pavers 2

As the pavers take in energy from the sun, that energy is sent back to the power network in the house. It can then be used to power anything from the coffee maker to your Tesla.

The pavers appear to be very energy efficient. The company claims that a solar driveway of 215 square feet (20 square meters) is enough to cover the average households annual energy consumption.

Platio solar pavers

The pavers can be installed in areas as small as balconies and patios, and come in 4 different colour options – black, red, blue, or green.

Here is a short product demo video from the company.

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