Watch as Tesla Cybertruck Conquers Hell’s Revenge Trail

A lot has been said about the off-roading capabilities of the Cybertruck. In an attempt to set the record straight, Tesla has posted a video online to prove it is more than capable. The stainless steel vehicle was videoed climbing the famous Hell’s Revenge, and its performance made it look effortless.

Hell’s Revenge is a legendary off-road trail near Moab, Utah. The trail is rated difficult and contains long steep climbs on slick rock that can be intimidating for some drivers and vehicles. However, the Cybertruck conquered it with a quiet grace.

The Cybertruck is powered by three motors for an all-wheel drive experience. Thanks to a sophisticated design, it can conquer rugged terrains, including Hell’s Gate on the Hell’s Revenge trail, as seen in the video. While there were some slight slips, the truck slowly but steadily made it out on stock tires without causing a racket.

Meanwhile, the Cybertruck’s lead engineer posted a short clip of the Cybertruck descending into and out of the Hot Tub section of Hell’s Revenge. There were some scary moments in the video, but the truck made it out in one piece, again making it look easy.

Many more of this kind of video may soon hit the internet as Tesla ramps up the Cybertruck production in Texas and fulfills more orders.

Rivian also took its R1T truck through Hell’s Gate to establish its off-roading credentials in 2021. Its sibling, the R1S, also tackled some of the steep climbs Moab has to offer.

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