Volkswagen plans to change its name in the US to ‘Voltswagen’ according to accidental press release

VW ID lineup

One of Volkswagen’s website administrators is likely feeling the heat this afternoon after accidentally publishing a press release one month early.  The new deleted document showed the German automaker plans to change its name in the US to support their shift to electrification.

The press release was supposed to be published on April 29. Even though it was partially complete, it revealed the most important detail – VW will change the name for its US based operations to ‘Voltswagen of America.’

In order to “preserve elements of Volkswagen’s heritage,” the automaker said in the press release its logo would remain largely untouched. The only change would be to its colour, shifting to light blue for “the new, EV-centric branding.”

A source familiar with the company’s plans confirmed to CNBC the press release was authentic.

Volkswagen recently held their first ever “Power Day” event earlier this month. Showing their commitment to electrifying their fleet, the company announced new partnerships with energy companies to expand the network of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Europe.

During Power Day, VW also announced plans to have six European Gigafactories operational by 2030.

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