Volkswagen nearly doubled their EV sales in 2021

The Head of Volkswagen Group Sales announced that it almost doubled its EV sales in 2021.

The company delivered 452,900 battery-electric vehicles, representing a 96 per cent increase in year over year global sales.

VW saw considerable gains in the US, China and Europe.  Presently the German automaker is the market leader in Europe and the number two company in the US for EVs.

In addition, Volkswagen saw an almost four-time increase in battery-operated vehicle sales in China.

Like other legacy automakers, Volkswagen faced significant challenges in 2021 with the global semiconductor shortage. Overall, the shortage led to a 4.5 per cent drop in overall sales compared to 2020.

However, VW maintains high customer demand and full order books going into 2022.

The top-selling battery-electric models in 2021 for the VW Group were:

VW also saw a significant increase in plug-in hybrid models. Global sales were 61 per cent higher than 2020, with 309,500 units sold. Overall, VW sold 8,882,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen is also aware their business model is changing and continues to move towards an electrified future. The company is investing 52 billion euros in EVs between 2022 and 2026.

This investment will allow for an increase in Volkswagen’s Capex and development for e-mobility.

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