Volkswagen issues recall for 21,000 ID.4s to update battery management and pulse converter software

Volkswagen has issued a recall on about 21,000 electric ID.4s. Owners will have to visit a dealership to have the software updated to fix battery management control module issues, among other issues. The recall has been posted to the NHTSA website, but no similar recall has been published by Transport Canada yet.

The reason for the recall is to correct a version of the battery management control unit software that could be over-sensitive. This has sometimes led to the software resetting itself. The pulse inverter control module could even deactivate in case of a software failure.

Users started reporting the issues in July 2021. Volkswagen said in September 2021 the issue didn’t pose any appreciable risk to drivers, but it would continue to investigate the problem. However, in January 2022, VW’s supplier reported the pulse inverter software had issues too.

Feedback from American owners last summer revealed the ID.4’s battery management software problems could cause the car to stall.

Volkswagen confirmed that the module resetting while driving would make the car uncontrollable. However, the automaker opted for a recall in late January. It affected 20,904 units built between May 26, 2020, and January 20, 2022. Newer ID.4s are spared as they come with an updated software version.

This fix requires a trip to the dealership, unlike other over-the-air updates. ID.4 owners will be contacted around the end of March to fix appointments with VW dealers.

Volkswagen has been shipping the EV without heat pumps due to semiconductor shortages. The EV got $1,500 more expensive in the US in December.

You can read the full recall notice below.

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