VinFast and Sony Pictures Entertainment partner to launch RIDEVU in-vehicle streaming service

VinFast and Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) have joined forces to introduce an in-vehicle streaming service called RIDEVU. The service will be available to VF 8 owners in the US this summer.

RIDEVU, developed by Sony for car infotainment systems, will come pre-installed in newly-delivered VinFast vehicles for customers who select RIDEVU as part of their VinFast Online Premium package, while existing customers will receive an over-the-air update to enable the service.

The Sony RIDEVU system enables seamless integration between vehicle screens and personal devices, supporting up to six independent devices simultaneously. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Linux, leveraging the power of the Amazon Web Services cloud. Some vehicles will also have the capability to display content in 4K resolution. Additionally, RIDEVU includes timed content recommendations for shorter trips and incorporates DTS audio for enhanced sound quality.

Pete Wood, Senior Vice President for Digital Sales and Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “With cars now equipped with the power and connectivity of modern computers, the potential for in-vehicle entertainment and services is virtually limitless. As we enter an era of electric and autonomous vehicles, SPE is excited to collaborate with automakers to develop new and innovative consumer services that will transform the entertainment landscape.”

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