University of British Columbia to implement fees for EV charging spots

The trend of charging drivers to plug in and charge their vehicles is continuing, with the University of British Columbia implementing EV charging fees to drivers on campus.

The fee structure is still under development but is expected to be implemented in the spring of 2020.

UBC Parking says the fees will not be to make money, but rather to make EV charging more accessible on campus by encouraging a higher turnover rate.

Like most free EV chargers, many of the drivers that plug-in their vehicles do so for much longer than they need to. After receiving complaints, UBC Parking tried to solve the problem by instituting a 4-hour time limit on charging, but that didn’t do enough to solve the problem.

Brian Jones, director of parking & access control services, says that on most mornings 85% of the EV charging spot are occupied. The money taken in from the new fees will be used to pay for the electricity used, as well as recouping some of the costs of installation, which he says was over $700,000.

UBC currently has Level 2 EV charging stations in six different locations listed on their website.

  • 10 chargers at West Parkade on level 4
  • 10 chargers at North Parkade on level 2
  • 10 chargers at Health Sciences Parkade on level 1
  • 10 chargers at Rose Garden Parkade on level 5
  • 8 chargers at Thunderbird Parkade on level 1
  • 1 charger at Alumni Centre (30-minute short term pay parking only)
  • 10 chargers at Fraser River Parkade on the lower level

UBC is not the first to consider implementing EV charging fees. Powell River is considering EV fees, as well as the Vancouver municipality of Richmond, which just saw the opening of a new Supercharger at CF Richmond Centre.

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