Training program for EV technicians launches in Quebec

Sherbrooke Quebec EV training program

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular in Canada, a new training program has launched for mechanics wanting to learn how to work on both electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

The Programme Compétances VÉ was announced this week in Sherbrooke, Quebec by the province’s Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel and Labour Minister Jean Boulet, reports la Tribune.

As part of the program, a new training center for the maintenance of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles opened on Galt Street East. The facility will be operated by CPA des Cantons, a group which oversees and supports workers in the automobile maintenance industry in the region.

Executive Director of the CPA, Marco Labrie, said the new facility and training program are crucial for workers in an industry that is constantly evolving.

From new technologies related to hybrid and electric vehicles to increasingly popular driver assistance systems, the automotive industry is one of the industries with the most rapid technological change. Therefore, the profession of automotive technician requires continuous training in order to be always up to date with the latest innovations and, more importantly, to ensure the safety of the public during repairs.

With statistics showing more than 30% of mechanics currently working in the region will retire in the next ten years, the new program will help ensure there will be enough qualified candidates to fill those openings.

British Columbia also offers an “EV Maintenance Training Program” out of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). After two successful pilot courses in 2019, the program officially opened to the public earlier this year.

Featured image via la Tribune

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