This is how the Tesla Semi is helping Pepsi meet its sustainability goals

When Tesla unveiled the Semi electric truck, Pepsi was one of the first believers. The soft-drink giant’s faith in the battery-powered truck has been rewarded as the Semi is helping Pepsi achieve its sustainability targets.

Pepsi has added 21 Semis to its fleet in its production hub in Sacramento, California. Amanda DeVoe, Pepsi’s Transformation and Strategy Director, details how the Tesla-made trucks are filling its sustainable transportation needs, “Battery electric vehicles are essential for us. It’s really grounded in our duty cycle, i.e., how we use our assets because a good majority of our business is anchored in going to market, we deliver predominantly under 100 miles on a daily basis, and we run those vehicles around 12 hours a day.”

According to Devoe, the Semi is very suited for short-range runs that operate out of its Sacramento distribution warehouse. However, three out of the 21 trucks regularly handle between 250 and 450 miles on each trip. In addition, Pepsi staff have not had any issues adapting to the electric trucks, despite being used to ICE rigs.

Pepsi also mentions the regenerative braking system on the Semi, which is especially useful on some routes. Other features of the truck include charging to 95 percent with the Megachargers in between 20 to 30 minutes, a comfortable interior, and a high and centered driver’s seat.

Pepsi claims its sustainability project at the plant is well ahead of plan thanks to the addition of the Semis to its fleet.

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