This company you’ve never heard of wants you to pre-order their $140K electric SUV with 1,126km of range

Triton Model H

You’ve likely never heard of Triton Solar, a New Jersey based energy solution company that has been around since 2012. Many more people know about the company now, after they announced plans to release a huge electric SUV with an equally huge range.

Dubbed the Triton Model H SUV, Triton claims their 8-seater will have a range of more than 1,126km (700 miles) thanks to a big 200kWh battery pack. Not only will it have enough space for 8 adults, it will also have a cavernous 200 cubic feet of luggage space (the Model Y has 66) according to their press release.

Triton says the base model will have a comfortable 1,500 horsepower, which according to their estimates will rocket you from 0 to 60mph in 2.9 seconds.

The company gave no details on how they will be able to deliver the massive range estimate, other than to say this about the battery pack.
It comes standard with a 200 kWh Triton Solar battery pack, which is a proprietary technology of Triton Solar.
That’s a pretty bold claim to make with nothing to back it up, from a company that virtually no one has heard of before.

To take it one step further, pre-orders are now open on their website for the electric SUV. If you’re interested, all you have to is provide a fully refundable $5,000 USD ($7,100 CAD) deposit, with an additional $135,000 USD ($191,000 CAD) due at delivery.

The first 100 pre-orders will get their hands on the limited edition Founder’s Edition, of which the company says will come with “unique surprise features added on top of the standard features.

They also didn’t mention when production would start or where production would happen. Who’s putting down $5,000 for this SUV?

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