How to control multiple Tesla’s from one mobile phone [Android only]

Tesla S3XY lineup

One of the best features of a Tesla is being able to ditch your car keys and simply carry your phone to lock and unlock your Tesla by using the official Tesla mobile app.

The problem with this solution is when you own multiple Tesla vehicles. If you are fortunate enough to be in this situation, you have to make sure your desired vehicle is selected in the app for it to unlock when you approach.

If it’s not, you have to open the app, swipe to your car, and then you will be able to control the Tesla in front of you.

One solution would be to have one phone for each Tesla vehicle, but that can get expensive, and who wants to have two phones unless you’re a drug dealer.

An easier solution has been found by YouTuber Mother Frunker which allows you to control two vehicles with one phone.

In his video, he uses the Android app ‘Multiple Accounts‘, which can duplicate the Tesla app on your mobile device. On the ‘original’ Tesla app, select it to control Tesla A, and use the ‘duplicated’ app to control Tesla B.

Using this method, you will still get notification for each vehicle come through to your mobile device properly.

A simple and easy solution to what is very much a first world problem. Be sure to also check out the website for other great Tesla tips, and a cool Tesla web app.

Check out the full video below.

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