General Motors teaming up with EVgo to try and catch up to Tesla Supercharger network

General Motors has plans to bring 13 new electric vehicles (EVs) to the market by 2025. With that many EVs hitting the road, the automaker will need to be able to provide somewhere for them to charge when they’re not at home.

To help prevent range anxiety, GM on Friday announced a new partnership with EVgo to install more than 2,700 EV fast-chargers across the US, a move that would triple the size of the EVgo network.

The plans call for the chargers to be installed over the next five years in 35 cities and suburbs, focussing on locations like “the grocery store, the pharmacy, new retail shopping, cafes, playgrounds, and the gym”, said EVgo CEO Kathy Zoi in a statement.

That strategy is a shift from Tesla’s Supercharger network, which tends to focus their charging locations on the long distance traveller and place them near highways, and not the day-to-day commuters.

The new charging stations will offer at least 4 charging ports with power ranging from 100kW to 350kW. No details were released around whether GM EV owners would get charged preferential charging fees at the network.

Late last year Tesla and EVgo Tesla also announced a new partnership that will see Tesla connectors added to existing EVgo stations across the US.

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