Tesla’s voice commands could get boost with integration of xAI’s Grōk AI Assistant

Tesla’s voice commands could soon be getting a big boost from one of Elon Musk’s newest companies, xAI, which could soon integrate its AI assistant, Grōk, into Tesla vehicles.

xAI’s mission, “to understand the true nature of the universe,” has taken a practical turn with the launch of its first project, Grōk AI. Described as an AI modeled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Grōk is designed to answer questions with wit and even a touch of rebellious humor. Grōk’s integration could revolutionize Tesla’s voice commands, making the interaction with the vehicle more natural and responsive.

What sets Grōk apart is its potential for native integration within Tesla vehicles, leveraging local compute power. Musk himself expressed enthusiasm about this prospect, stating that if Tesla’s vehicle AI computer can run the Grōk model, it would likely become the most robust inference compute on Earth. (via Teslarati)

While the precise roles of Grōk in Tesla’s ecosystem remain unclear, there are exciting possibilities. This feature could enhance the vehicle’s ability to anticipate the driver’s needs and provide seamless assistance, at the same time making them more intuitive and engaging. Moreover, xAI is actively working on an application programming interface (API) for Grōk, which is expected to possess auditory and visual recognition capabilities, further enriching the user experience.

While there is no official timeline for the integration of Grōk into Tesla vehicles, the early beta phase is already underway, with some X users gaining access.

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