Tesla’s Next-Generation Dojo Training Tile Already in Production, TSMC Says

According to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), it is ramping up production of Tesla’s next-generation Dojo training tile. The company is also working to offer the technology for more powerful tiles.

At the TSMC North American Technology Symposium on Wednesday, the company detailed its roadmaps for both semiconductor and chip packaging technologies. TSMC says Tesla’s next-generation Dojo training tile is already in production, according to a report from IEEE Spectrum. In 2023, it became known that the Texas manufacturer placed an order with TSMC for the production of D1 chips of its own design.

According to TSMC, in 2027 its factory plans to offer technology for more complex wafer-scale systems than Tesla currently has. They will be able to provide 40 times more computing power than today’s systems. The company is turning to advanced packaging technology that allows a single processor to be made from more silicon.

The main component on which the Tesla Dojo supercomputer is built is the D1 chip. It is a “system-on-wafer;” that is, it occupies an entire 300 mm silicon wafer on which 25 accelerators and other functional elements are located. TSMC produces the D1 using 7nm technology. In 2023, Tesla was going to purchase about 5,000 of these chips from TSMC, and in 2024 it intended to double the number to 10,000 chips, as well as continue to increase purchases in 2025. By the end of 2024, Tesla intends to bring the performance level of its Dojo supercomputer to 100 exaflops, so the process of scaling the system continues.

Dojo would be capable of an exaflop, or 1 quintillion floating-point operations, per second. To imagine the power of Dojo, keep in mind that it could do in one second what a regular desktop computer could take billions of years to complete.

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