Tesla Layoffs Extend Beyond Employees As Internship Offers Withdrawn

Tesla recent round of layoffs have impacted more than just employees, and the effects are now being felt by students. As many are finding out, Tesla has decided to withdraw offers for summer internships, affecting a large number of students just weeks before their anticipated start dates.

The cancellations have left many students in a precarious position, as they find themselves scrambling for alternative placements, according to a report from Bloomberg. These internships, often secured months in advance, are stepping stones in a student’s career development, offering valuable industry experience and networking opportunities.

For Tesla, which has been a coveted destination for aspiring engineers and other business professionals, the impact is particularly significant. The company hosts over 3,000 interns annually from universities around the globe.

The sudden reversal has serious financial implications, as many students have already incurred substantial expenses securing summer housing for their upcoming internships.

In response to the offers being pulled, some Tesla employees have taken to social media platforms like LinkedIn to advocate for the displaced interns, urging other companies to consider these skilled individuals for their own internship programs.

Tesla’s decision to cut internships is part of a deeper strategic shift within the company. Earlier this month CEO Elon Musk announced the company would have to lay off more than 10% of its global workforce in order to make the company more efficient and prepare it for its next phase of growth.

The layoffs have been significant, and most recently include the entire 500+ Supercharger team in the US.

Several top executives have also departed the company, either through voluntary resignations such as for Drew Baglino and Rohan Patel, or as part of the layoffs.

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