Tesla’s labour dispute in Sweden crosses the border into Denmark

In a widening labour conflict against Tesla, a Danish trade union has announced its support for Swedish workers demanding a collective bargaining agreement from the automaker.

The Swedish union, IF Metall, initiated strikes on October 27, demanding that Tesla sign a collective bargaining agreement akin to those held by most Swedish employees. After a labour movement that spread across various unions in Sweden in support of Tesla workers, including dock workers, the United Federation of Workers in Denmark (3F) has now also joined in, declaring solidarity with their Swedish counterparts.

The union says it plans to take action that could impact Tesla’s operations such as dock workers and drivers refusing to receive and transport Tesla cars bound for Sweden. (via Bloomberg)

Tesla Employees in Sweden Disappointed by IF Metall Union

Jakob Lykke, local head of 3F Transport in Denmark, revealed that Tesla cars arriving by ship will no longer be driven offboard starting December 20. This action, aimed at pressuring Tesla, could also have repercussions on the Danish market.

Jan Villadsen, head of 3F, emphasized the importance of Tesla adhering to Nordic labour market agreements. The Danish union’s support adds further pressure on Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who criticized the Swedish labour actions as “insane” and faced legal challenges against postal workers halting license plate deliveries.

The labour conflict started with 130 members of IF Metall members in Sweden, affecting Tesla’s Service Centers. The solidarity movement has expanded to include postal workers, dockworkers, and now Danish counterparts. Tesla has been successful in court, receiving an injunction to force Swedish postal workers to deliver license plates to new Tesla owners.

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